Managerial competences, decision-making and communication skills, great capacity of problem solving. Identification of qualities and management of poor performances, capacities of motivation and ability of financial management, as specified below:

From 2007 to date, National President of the Italian Committee Myelin Project (CIPM –, the Italian branch of the U.S. Myelin Project, aimed at supporting research for therapy in demyelinating diseases. He was engaged by the Ambassador, Mr. M. Alessi, to restore the economic situation and manage the organizational deficits. Today CIPM has an active financial statement. Since 2011, CIPM is partner of Telethon Foundation, in financing the research project ‘GPP1007, Modulation of neuregulin for the treatment of demyelinating neuropathies’, at the Institute of San Raffaele in Milan.

Founder and National President of @uxilia Onlus (, a no profit organization recognized with Legal Status by the Italian Government. @uxilia Onlus has signed agreements with the Department of Youth Justice of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Civil Rights and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior. It has also agreements with the Court of Udine and the Universities of Trieste, Bologna, Padua. It implements local and national projects on Doping, Eating Disorders and Addictions; it organizes monthly meetings and cultural events; it is also the publisher of magazines and books in partnership with Rai-Eri Publisher; it has steady relations and collaboration with schools, prisons, children’s homes, sports’agencies, media, fashion and theaters.

He founded and directs the humanitarian section of @uxiliachildren (, active in International Cooperation in Developing Countries suffering wars, poverty, hungry and natural disasters such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Palestine. With the construction of schools, orphanages, health centers and educational activities, health care and long distance adoption, he follows up children in various contexts of distress ensuring them health and education. In particular, he is involved in the recovery of ex child soldiers and children victim of war and crime.

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